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Landscapes as diverse as the uplands of Cyprus and the Sandlings of Suffolk form this chronicle's focus. Equally varied are the approaches to these landscapes, from large-scale air photographic coverage in Bohemia to nineteenth century compositions from the Grand Tour.


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The first Laconia Survey, immediately to the east of Sparta, was conducted between 1983 and 1988 and published by Cavanagh et al. in 1996 and 2002; it identified 420 sites over an area of 70[km.sup.2]. The Laconia Rural Sites Project of 1993-1994 now presents the results from the next step in the research, namely to research more fully small rural sites, focusing on function. Twenty sites, ranging from the Early Helladic to the Ottoman periods, were selected, using criteria such as single period occupation, small size, similarity, and high visibility, in order to answer such questions as how was this landscape occupied, by whom, intermittently or continuously? k has to be said that Cavanagh et al.'s expose of the findings from surface collection and systematic soil sampling, grey-scale plots of geophysical surveys and rather milky photographs of many an olive terrace do not exactly set the pulse racing. But the volume is exemplary in its sober evaluatory stance. Though following processualist methodology (what else makes you field walk an olive terrace in the midday sun?), the authors are careful to point out its limitations. To read the excellent methodology and conclusions chapters in tandem is enlightening. Cavanagh et al. are to be congratulated for their clarity, honesty (e.g. 'is this in fact a site?', p. 166; or including inconclusive results for finds recorded by dicker count and by surface collection; or deciding, wisely, notre excavate) and, still, for getting so much out of an eroded, dry landscape, where sites 'do not extend below the topsoil' (p. …