3AM: SIENNA IN STITCHES; EXCLUSIVE: Now Ms Miller Is a Fashion Designer, Too

Article excerpt

Byline: Kiki King, Eva Simpson & Caroline Hedley

SHE's one of the only women on Earth who actually looks good in skinny jeans.

Now Sienna Miller is taking her love affair with denim even further by designing her own exclusive range.

The actress, famed for her boho chic, has signed a multi-million-pound deal with trendy label Pepe to produce a unique line.

If everything goes to plan, the jeans should be unveiled next season.

Sienna, 24, whose romance with Jude Law has been on and off more times than Prezza's trousers, is following in the footsteps of Victoria Beckham, whose range of jeans for Rock and Republic proved to be a best seller.

A fashion insider tells us: "Sienna has become a style icon in such a short space of time.

"She's been on the cover of Vogue, everyone knows who she is and this is the perfect time to do something like this. The jeans will be her own unique designs and the fact that she can model the clothes herself makes the whole project even more exciting.

"Even though she is ultra-skinny, her jeans will be made to flatter most sizes. …