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Byline: Sam MANN

So we've watched the reality TV pop programs, bought the records and made international stars of the judges and the contestants. But just in case that's not enough, there's now a Hollywood movie to add to the collection. American Dreamz is the new comedy from the same people who brought us American Pie and About A Boy. Based on real-life programs such as X Factor and Pop Idol, we see Hugh Grant as the sharp-talking Simon Cowell character, while Mandy Moore plays the part of the main wannabe celeb and Dennis Quaid stars as a slightly depressed US President.

The celebrity screening at the ever-cool Soho Hotel brought together some of reality TV's best known faces, including Chico Slimani, Andy Abraham, The Cheeky Girls, Chesney Hawkes, G4 and Soapstar Superstar judge Chris Cowey. Previous X Factor winner Steve Brookstein was also there and he wasn't holding anything back when it came to letting me know what he thinks of Shayne Ward's No 1 album, calling it pop slop. I couldn't help but think he was just being a little envious of the new boy on the block.

After stocking up on the canapAs and mini ice creams - naturally washed down with a glass or two of Pinot Noir - I hotfooted it across town to the CafA Royal for the RCA music party.

Walking around the place, I bumped into a whole host of well-known faces including Lee Ryan, Natasha Bedingfield and the boys from G4. But the main star of the evening was the multi-talented Oscar winner Jamie Foxx who was called upon to give a very special performance of some of the tracks from his new album. Proving he's a real laydeez man, he asked all the girls in the place to make their way to the front of the stage. With a choice of glamorous babes such as Estelle, Caroline Chikezie, T4's June Sarpong and, of course, yours truly all lining the front row, the man was spoilt for choice. …