Senator Assures Cabinet Officials of Fair Treatment

Article excerpt


A senator yesterday assured Cabinet officials of fair treatment during Senate hearings after the Supreme Court declared as invalid certain provisions of Executive Order 464 that restricted government executives, soldiers and police from attending congressional hearings without the consent of the President.

In a statement, Senate Majority Leader Francis Pangilinan also urged Cabinet officials to cooperate during Senate hearings while expressing readiness to work with the executive without resorting to "name-calling."

"We hope that in the aftermath of the SC ruling on EO 464, both the legislative and executive branch can find a middle ground within which we are able to manage our political diffirences more effectively without abandoning our respective, deeply held convictions," Pangilinan said.

"While we are ready if needed be to exercise the contempt powers of Senate, we hope that it does not have to come to that. We urge Cabinet officials to cooperate in our common effort to serve our people with transparency and accountability," he said.

The senator argued that conflicting views should not prevent opposing political sides from finding a common ground in resolving these conflicts. …