E-BUSINESS: Daddy of All Internet Search Engines Throws a Googly to Bill Gates

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Webmasters around the world are claiming that Big Daddy has not been pulling his weight.

Big Daddy was the name Google gave to the latest release of its search engine algorithm.

Billed as the answer to eliminating the increasing amount of spam sites appearing in Google search results, it has caused carnage in the legitimate search-marketing world.

We are slowly winning the war on junk e-mail, but the spammers have moved their skills to the search engines. A recent report suggested that at least one page in five indexed by Google is junk.

Big Daddy seems to have culled much of them, but has also sent thousands of legitimate sites to the Internet wasteland of secondary page rankings or, worse still, removed them completely.

Only last year Google was involved in a willy-waving competition with Yahoo! over who had the largest index - now it seems size doesn't matter and it's quality that counts.

If you're a Google user, thanks to Big Daddy, the web has become a much smaller place. Google say the re-indexing is taking longer than expected and their server farms are under extreme pressure to re-index the entire web Big Daddy's way.

However, many webmasters are reporting that Big Daddy has been to visit their sites but has not included them in the new index.

Meanwhile, in a search galaxy far away, the evil empire Microsoft has been busy revamping its search engine - MSN. Bill Gates vowed to "keep Google honest" at the launch last week of MSN's new pay-per-click (PPC) service called 'adCenter'. …