District Having a Growth Spurt Parks Adding and Expanding Programs to Appeal to New Residents Moving to Village

Article excerpt

Byline: Connie Schumann

The Sugar Grove Park District is gearing up for summer activities with some old standbys and some new tricks.

With the start of baseball games on Saturday, some would say, so goes the real start of summer. This year the baseball teams filled up quickly with about 600 kids in the program from the 3-year-old Tiny Sluggers through the 14-year-olds in the traveling teams, according to Karen Pritchard, superintendent of recreation.

Pritchard says all of the district's athletic programs are popular, with baseball leading the charge.

Greg Rapede, director of the park district since 2003, says its current programming goal is to offer something for everyone.

"My sense is that the people that are moving into town like that it's small, but they're also used to a lot of services." Rapede said.

They intend to grow with the population and offer what the community is looking for. The new garden club is a recent addition to the program that's gotten a wonderful response.

Tina Cella, vice president of the garden club, said they already have around 25 members who all have a common interest in gardening and plan to support and maintain community projects throughout Sugar Grove.

With the summer program, they are offering 10 new classes or activities, including a new puppy kindergarten and dog obedience classes, which will be held at the new park district office at 61 Main Street starting June 1. …