Use Your Loaf to Get a Job; Careers in Baking If You Are an Early Riser and like Working with Your Hands, a Career as a Baker May Appeal. Michelle Rushton Kneads to Find out More

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Byline: Michelle Rushton

What does a career in baking involve?

Bakers produce various bread and confectionery products, and usually work in one of three types of bakery.

They may work in a plant bakery, using machinery and production lines to manufacture large quantities of baked goods for shops and' supermarkets. Or they might work in an in-store bakery - usually part of a 'supermarket. Their work involves using some automated machinery to make fresh bread products to be sold in the store. Or they could work in a craft bakery - baking products on a smaller 'scale to be sold in a small shop or chain of specialist shops. Although some machinery is used, more of the work is done by hand.

What personal skills do you need?

You need to be good with numbers, or measuring ingredients, ordering supplies and calculating cooking times. You should be good with your hands, for moulding dough and decorating confectionery products. You must be prepared to work long hours - often starting very early - and able to work quickly. You must be organised and aware of safety and hygiene regulations.

What training do you need?

You can train for bakery work without having any formal qualifications. However, GCSEs in English, maths, science or food technology are useful. …