Jesus Christ!

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WITH all candor, allow me to state that the rumored marriage of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene will never weaken the foundations of my faith. Should Archangel Michael suddenly appear, flaming sword in hand, to reveal that it is true, I will remain loyal to the teachings and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. Why should it bother me that Jesus Christ married one of His female disciples? Didn't He Himself create the sacrament of matrimony at the wedding of Cana? Wasn't He supposed to have said, "What God has joined together, let no man put asunder?" So, should it be proven true that He married Mary Magdalene, my faith will not founder; at least, Jesus would have practiced what He preached.

I hope the above statement does not make me a persona non grata in the city of Manila where a congressman banned the "Da Vinci Code" movie on the grounds that it is immoral to say that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene. How can marriage be immoral? Neither the movie nor the book said Jesus Christ was living in sin; they did not beget children out of wedlock; they were supposed to be married. Frankly, I was shocked that the Manila congressman seemed to equate marriage with immorality. Perhaps, it was the mere suggestion that Jesus Christ might have gotten married that offended the lawmaker. What he probably meant, but did not quite know how to express, was that the " da Vinci" book and movie are heretical and satanic attacks against the Divinity of Jesus Christ.

On the other hand, isn't Jesus Christ both God and Man, simultaneously Human and Divine? That is one of the inscrutable keystones of our faith which we Catholics have to believe, even without understanding. …