How to Plan for a Career in Town Planning

Article excerpt

Councils provide a range of services to keep people safe and protect the local area. It is the council's responsibility to ensure you live in a safe, clean and pleasant environment.

A wide range of council services contribute to this work, for example environmental conservation, environmental health and highways and maintenance.

Town planning is the process required by law to manage the built and natural environment. Planning permission is needed for most types of building work and changes to the use of buildings, and anyone wishing to develop land within a council area must first apply for permission from their local planning department.

There are a range of career opportunities within the planning department of your council. Planners, supported by planning technicians, are concerned with the conservation, development and improvement of an area.

A range of specialist staff is also employed in particular areas, such as transport planning or urban design and conservation.

Development control officers deal with applications for all types of building development. They may be involved with small household extensions or work on major developments.

Policy officers are involved in drawing up planning policies and guidelines for the local area, which are then used to decide whether developments are acceptable. …