A POOL OF POLLUTION; Businesses Dumping in Lakes of Killarney

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A TOP Irish tourist attraction is in danger of turning into a stinking pool of green SLIME.

Scientists fear the Lakes of Killarney could become smelly septic tanks before the end of the summer.

They believe the high levels of pollution in the lakes could lead to a dangerous bloom of algae in the next few months.

Tourists were banned from swimming in the lakes in 1997 because the algae turned the water toxic.

But politicians now fear the tourists will be turning up their noses at the lakes again - after a recent test showed high levels of pollution in Lough Leane.

Fine Gael councillor Sheila Casey said Kerry County Council has ordered a series of tests.

She said: "We have to wait for the test results from Lough Leane Working Group before we know if we have a serious problem.

"But we are worried the level of phosphorus in the lakes will be too high.

"A lot of the pollution is caused by local businesses and we have to make sure people start taking the problem seriously. …