Energy Council: Support for Cooperation with Russia and OPEC

Article excerpt

Ministers approved the work programme for energy included in the road maps for four common spaces adopted at the 15th EU-Russia Summit on May 10. They called for the rapid implementation of actions in the energy sector and wish to be involved regularly in the process.


Road Maps for the four common spaces (extracts concerning energy)

Aims: To intensify EU-Russia co-operation, in the framework of the EU-Russia energy dialogue, with particular emphasis on addressing issues related to the sustainability and continued reliability of the production, distribution, transportation and use of energy, including energy efficiency, energy savings and the use of renewable energies. In order to reach these objectives, it is important to promote and protect investments in the energy sector, to facilitate the improvement of the investment climate, promote regulatory convergence and a high standard of environmental protection


- Convergence of EU and Russian energy strategies, policies and regulatory measures, including with regard to energy efficiency and savings

- Conclusion of negotiations on an agreement on trade in nuclear materials to provide a stable framework for long-term trade between Russia and the enlarged EU

- Cooperation on energy infrastructure projects of common interest

- Evaluation of mechanisms to cover non-commercial risk of energy projects

- Cooperation in the field of safety of transport of energy products, including by pipeline, rail and sea

- Cooperation in the field of nuclear energy, with particular emphasis on nuclear safety and security, including exchange of information on related issues. The work related to scientific cooperation in this area shall be carried out in the context of the common space on research and education, including culture

- Examination of the feasibility of the integration of electricity markets, including ensuring a level playing field in terms of equivalent basic rules with respect to market access, infrastructure and opening, as well as compatible environmental protection and safety standards, for electricity production

- Ensuring the gradual and progressive reform of the Russian gas sector in line with the energy strategy of the Russian Federation until 2020

- Implementation of the work programme of the EU-Russia Energy Technology Centre. …