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Condell Medical Center

- Angie Rodriguez Sereyka to Claudia S. Rodriguez and Vincent S. Sereyka, Mundelein. Sister of Adrian Rodriguez. Grandparents: Claudia R. and Salomon R. Rodriguez, Nancy and John Zientko, all of Mundelein.

- Justin Zipp, to Shawn and Kristen Zipp, Great Lakes. Brother of Erica and Nicole Zipp. Grandparents: Christine Cook, James Zipp, Erie, Pa.

- Ricardo Fernandez Jr., March 3 to Melissa Davila and Ricardo Fernandez. Brother of Adriana. Grandparents: Gino and Vera Davila, Osia and Virginia Fernandez, all of Waukegan.

- Joselin Rayon, March 3 to Jose Rayon and Yessica Garcia, Mundelein. Sister of Jose Rayon. Grandparents: Jose Rayon Hernandez and Guadalupe Guarnero Francisco, Angel Garcia Juarez and Dominga Guzman, all of Puebla, Mexico. Great-grandparents: Teresa Hernandez Sanchez and Miguel Rayon Diaz, Manuel Guarnero Arroyo and Gregoria Francisco Mendoza, Santos Guzman and Carmen Diaz, all of Puebla, Mexico.

- Joshua Daniel Robinson, March 3 to Jeff and Amy Robinson, Gurnee. Brother of Jacob. Grandparents: Jerry and Arlene Montgomery, Mountain Home, Ark.; Jim Stur, Mundelein.

- Ryland Joseph West, March 3 to Benjamin and Evelyn West, Great Lakes. Brother of Brock and Devin.

- Gershon Alcanzara III, March 4 to Gina and Gershon Alcantara, Mundelein. Grandparents: Ruby and Gerry Alcantara, Chicago; Angie and Angelo Tortora, Las Vegas, Nev. Great-grandmother: Alma Calderone, Alliance, Ohio.

- Mia Anneliese Roldan, March 4 to Samantha Marie and Romaldo, Roldan, Waukegan. Grandparents: Alanna Galan Sauceda, San Antonio, Texas; and Samuel Escobedo, Mundelein; Atanacio and Gertrudes Roldan, Waukegan.

- Ava Jean Fasano, March 5 to Bryan and Gina Fasano, Lindenhurst. Grandparents: Terry and Nora Fasano, Lindenhurst; Bob and Cathy Gotschalk, Mosinee, Wis. Great-grandparents: Ed and June Florian, Arkdale, Wis.; Raymond Posselt, Neenah, Wis.

- Pablo Ruiz, March 5 to Jose Ruiz and Elizabeth Torres, Waukegan. Brother of Ruben, Roberto and Miguel. Grandparents: Isidro A. Sirenia, Jose and Ana Maria, all of Mexico.

- Diego Sereno Ayala, March 6 to Jose Antonio Sereno Gomez and Aide Mircya Ayala Rodrigues, Ingleside. Grandparents: Raymundo Sereno and Chemencia Gomez, Javier Ayala and Maria Auxilio Rodrigues, all of Michoacan, Mexico.

- Hansen Hyun Lee, March 6 to Sun Hui and Eun Ho Lee, Mundelein.

- Aiden Bradly Raffucci, March 6 to Jean and Gwendolyn Raffucci, Mundelein. Brother of Nicholas and Mason. Grandparents: Lance and Jennifer Johnson, Mundelein.

- Benjamin Segura, March 6 to Brenda Mendez and Alejandro Segura. Grandparents: Esperanza Mendez, Round Lake; Miguel and Jenerosa Segura, Mexico City, Mexico.

- Kristen Jada Brand, March 7 to Christopher and Loretta Brand, Great Lakes. Sister of Rockell and Bria. Grandparents: Ella Brand, Fayetteville, N.C.; Betty and Robert Love, Pine Bluff, Ark. Great- grandparents: John and Margret Brand, Stamford, Conn.

- Carlos Carpio, March 7 to Brenda Hernandez and Juan Carlos Carpio, Round Lake Beach. Brother of Joshua Hernandez.

- Kameryn Louise Dirks, March 7 to David and Kelly Dirks, Round Lake Beach. Grandparents: Nancy and Dennis Kushka, Elmhurst; David and Beverly Dirks, Corpus Christi, Texas. Great-grandparents: Dee Parker, East Wenatchee, Wash.; Darrel and Faye Dirks, Whitney, Texas.

- Alison Vazquez Jimenez, March 7 to Sergio Vazquez and Marisol Jimenez, Mundelein. Sister of Sergio and Salvador Vazquez. Grandparents: Eutimio Vazquez and Teresa Martinez, Jose Jimenez and Maria Dolores Broniz, all of Puebla, Mexico. Great-grandparents: Euteqoia Martinez and Guadalupe Santa Maria, Juan Jimenez and Zsavra Moreles, all of Puebla, Mexico.

- Dylan Thomas Tripp, March 7 to Shawna Brandl and Brian Tripp, Gurnee. Grandparents: Maureen and Thomas Tripp, Gurnee; Babette Frith, Killeen, Texas. …