Housework 'Would Help Men Live Longer'

Article excerpt


WOMEN may at last have been given a compelling argument to make their partners do their share of the housework.

For scientists have discovered that men could live longer if they did more chores.

Slacking over housework and shirking childcare responsibilities is bad for their health - and can even lead to them 'dying of boredom'.

An Australian study of 200 men of all ages revealed that they tend to spend a large part of their spare time on unhealthy activities such as watching TV and playing computer games.

Boredom soon sets in - leading to comfort eating, smoking and drinking to excess. This in turn increases the risk of obesity and diabetes-and the killer conditions associated with them, including heart attacks and strokes.

The passive lifestyle can also lead to depression and anxiety and even dampen the immune system, increasing susceptibility to infection.

Researcher Dr Leonie Bloomfield, an expert in time use, told a Sydney conference that having too much time to kill can be deadly for men.

She said: 'It is clear that having more free time - and men already enjoy more than women because of gender inequalities in housework, childcare and other unpaid work - does not guarantee a leisure experience or better health. …