Hollywood or Ghostbust; EXCLUSIVE: POP SENSATIONS McFLY ARE OUT TO CONQUER THE USA They've Starred in Their Own Movie but Not One of Them Got the Girl

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CHART-topping McFly have spread their wings and taken off in their first Hollywood movie - romantic comedy Just My Luck.

And now they're hoping to conquer the States with their new album... and even remake the Ghostbusters movie, which starred Bill Murray.

In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Mail, the boys revealed:

Rumours of an affair between drummer Harry Judd and movie babe Lindsay Lohan are wide of the mark'

A rocking performance in New Orleans in their movie was really filmed at the Hammersmith Apollo in London'

They kept getting the giggles during the filming of the flick'

And how Danny Jones gave up a promising career as a footballer to play guitar.

Singer Tom Fletcher, Danny, bassist Dougie Poynter and Harry star with teen sensation Lindsay in the frothy comedy. Even though their acting debut could hardly be described as tough - they play a pop group trying to break into the big-time in the USA - the lads admit making a movie was a step into the unknown.

Tom, 20, said: "None of us had been on a film set before and so the first days were a bit weird.

"The worst thing for me was doing anything in front of the other three guys, knowing they would be thinking I looked like a complete idiot.

"But it was good fun and by the end of it we were fine."

Harry, 20, added: "There is a moment in the movie when I am behind the drum kit and you might see that I have had an attack of the giggles."

It didn't take long for McFly to experience the relentless attention on star Lindsay Lohan.

Harry says: "There were paparazzi all around the film set.

"Lindsay said she was sorry she couldn't hang out with us because of all the paparazzi."

Harry, to the amusement of the rest of the band, even found himself romantically linked with the American actress.

But Lindsay said: "I didn't date Harry. I didn't fancy any of the McFly boys - I prefer the Arctic Monkeys."

McFly filmed in New Orleans a month before the city was hit by Hurricane Katrina.

In the movie McFly are seen giving a rocking performance on stage in New Orleans but Tom admits the show was actually filmed on the other side of the Atlantic, in front of their most devoted fans.

He said: "It was filmed at Hammersmith Apollo. We did a show especially for the movie because they wanted it to look like a real concert with real fans. …