Order of the Knights of Rizal Republic Act No. 646

Article excerpt

As a public service feature on the occasion of the 145th birth anniversary of Dr. Jose P. Rizal, we are printing the full text of Republic Act No. 646, the Charter of the Knights of Rizal, for the information and guidance of our readers.

Second Congress of the Republic

of the Philippines S. No. 251

Second Session


An act to convert the "orden de Caballeros of Rizal'' into a public corporation to be known in English as "Knights of Rizal'' and, in Spanish as "Orden de Caballeros de Rizal'' and to define its purposes and powers.

WHEREAS, a CIVIC ORGANIZATION KNOWN AS "Orden de Caballeros de Rizal'' (Knights of Rizal) was incorporated under the Corporation Law of the Philippines in the year 1916 by patriotic citizens for the following purposes.

"(a) To develop the most perfect union among the Filipinos in revering the memory of Dr. Jose Rizal;''

"(b) To promote among the associated knights the spirit of patriotism and Rizalian chivalry;''

"(c) To study and spread the teaching of Dr. Jose Rizal and keep ever alive his consecrated memory and to make effective his exemplary and exalted principles;'' and

"(d) To organize the annual festivities in honor of Dr. Jose Rizal.''

WHEREAS, the Knights of Rizal, if officially recognized and vested with appropriate powers, would be convenient instrumentality by which the teaching of our national hero may be propagated among our people to the end that they emulate and follow his examples; and

WHEREAS, IT IS NECESSARY TO GRANT LEGISLATIVE Charter to the said Knights of Rizal in order to accord official recognition to it and to enlarge its powers so that it may more fully and more effectively accomplish the laudable purposes for which it was organized;

NOW THEREFORE, Be it enacted by the Senate, and House of Representative of the Philippines in congress assembled:

SECTION 1. The present civic organization known as "Orden de Caballeros de Rizal'' is hereby converted into a body corporate and politic with powers hereinafter specified, under the name and style of KNIGHTS OF RIZAL and in Spanish as "Orden de Caballeros de Rizal'' (hereinafter called corporation). The principal office of the corporation shall be in the City of Manila, Philippines.

SECTION 2. The purposes of this corporation shall be to study the teachings of Dr. Jose Rizal, to inculcate and propagate them in and among all classes of the Filipino people, and by words and deeds to exhort out citizenry to emulate and practice the examples and teachings of our national hero; to promote the associated Knights the spirit of patriotism and Rizalian chivalry, to develop a perfect union among the Filipinos in revering the memory of Dr. Jose Rizal and to organize and hold programs commemorative of Rizal's nativity and martyrdom.

SECTION 3. The said corporation shall have perpetual succession, with power to sue and be sued, to hold such real personal property as shall be necessary for corporate purposes, to solicit and receive public contributions, to receive real and personal property by gift, device or bequest, to adopt a seal and to alter the same at please, to have offices and conduct its business and affairs in the City of Manila and elsewhere; to make and adopt-by-laws, rules and regulations including the establishment of regulations or the election of associates and successors as may be necessary to carry into effect the provisions of this Act and to promote the purposes of the said corporation. …