Illegal Huddled Masses

Article excerpt


I would like to respond to Arturo Sarukhan's column "Against the wall" (Commentary, Monday). First, the comparison between the Berlin Wall and the U.S. border fence authorized by Congress is misleading. The Berlin Wall was meant to keep East German and other Soviet peoples from leaving their communist "paradise." The fence along the Mexican border is meant to put a stop to a tremendous invasion of this country by illegal aliens who threaten the fabrics both economic and cultural of the United States.

To praise, as this article does, these invaders as "bold and hardworking" people and to assert that they are "critical to the success of the American economy" is to paint a false picture and provide more evidence of the disregard of Mexican politicos for the sovereignty of the United States.

The argument, so dear to supporters of illegal aliens, that the euphemistically "undocumented" are hard workers is an insult to American workers, who work hard indeed, pay their taxes, obey the law and do not invade other countries to get something for nothing.

When the writer declares that these illegals represent a loss to Mexico and a gain to the United States, we should respond with one voice: This is a country of laws that will accept future residents according to its needs, and its own evaluation of such individuals and will not allow interference by foreign agents.




When the "huddled masses" came to the United States, they came legally, and they assimilated. They took citizenship tests and became Americans. They did not sneak over unmanned borders with the help of a foreign government. They did not use counterfeit, stolen or fraudulent documents. …