Poor Pay and No Job Satisfaction Cause Midland Work Exodus

Article excerpt

More and more Midlanders are quitting their jobs fed up with poor pay and lack of job satisfaction, it was claimed yesterday.

Resignation rates in the Midlands are amongst the highest in the UK, for the year to January.

A survey of 22,480 individuals shows that despite an increase in earnings, executives in the Midlands have become frustrated by company pay structures and a lack of job satisfaction.

The 2006 National Management Salary Survey, published by the Chartered Management Institute and Remuneration Economics, reveals a labour turnover rate of 10.4 per cent.

Resignations stand at 4.1 per cent. The desire to change jobs comes despite employers in the Midlands offering an average increase in earnings of 6.6 per cent - the highest annual increase in the region since 2002.

The findings reveal that the average total earnings for managers in the Midlands are pounds 44,616, putting them fifth in this year's 'earnings league table'. …