Things That Go Bump in the Night - and Day; as Coventry University Launches a New Course in Parapsychology, Kristy Heslop Warns That It Might Just Change Your Life

Article excerpt

Byline: Kristy Heslop

That Freddie Kruger has a lot to answer for. Or maybe the lady in the video shop who really shouldn't have been renting me an 18-rated movie has.

I was a child with an over active imagination they said, the nightmares would stop when I got past 13.

I still own a night light.

I think this was the main reason I was very interested in the paranormal at such a young age -don't get me wrong, I wasn't painting my face black and jumping round campfires - I was just interested.

I bought my first pack of tarot cards when I was 14 and I believed I predicted many things that happened in my teenage world.

Horoscopes where my main love, my friend Kerri and I were thrown out of the local Spar on numerous occasions for reading Sugar and Bliss's love predictions of the week.

But because of these predictions and my fear of the unknown I really believed that I had a connection with the paranormal world.

Parapsychology in layman's terms is the study of the supernatural and all things spooky.

Once this phenomenon that rules the way many people live their lives was branded as only for the infirm and weak of mind but now the subject is slowly creeping back and can be taken at degree level.

Coventry University now boasts this course which covers everything from ESP (extra sensory perception) and psychokinesis to the survival of bodily death and mediumship.

Myself being very interested in the supernatural from an early age, intrigued but also scared of the unknown, I decided to take part in a parapsychology course as part of my degree.

When I applied we were asked to give our full names, place of birth, date of birth and time of birth as we would receive our very own personal horoscope - I was going to frame mine.

On the first day the horoscopes were handed out and we were asked to read through them. The lecturer asked us to stand up if we believed this was exactly right -35 out of the 120 students stood up.

He then asked people to stand up if we thought it was exactly right apart from one thing, the rest of the class including myself stood up.

They were all the same.

This must be a joke, I thought. It even said I was going to be rich.

Our first lecture showed the group how all horoscopes are all lies. A experiment had been conducted looking into NHS medical records and horoscope predictions on health and only 7 per cent were correct.

A further experiment looked into professions. All horoscopes tell you what job you will take in your future but again only only five per cent were correct.

It changed everything that I had once held so dear. That was the last time I would spend my hard earned money on a glossy magazine just to read the prediction page.

I showed Kerri when I got home she scoffed as she matched her and Brad Pitt on her horoscope love chart.

Horoscopes are predicted by the pull of the planets, in connection with your time of birth, so when Pluto came along in the 1930s, did the astrologers pack their bags and decide to work in launderettes?

Er, no.

They claimed the undiscovered planets must have had a subconscious pull on their predictions!

The course really changed the way I looked at the world - I would never have to sleep with light on after a horror movie again.

The rest of the course followed in a similar vein. Extremely interesting but far-fetched in the extreme.

First there was ESP, an extremely large spectrum of any parapsychology course. …