Electronics Aid for Automotive Industry

Article excerpt

Byline: By DAVID WILLIAMSON Western Mail

An electronics centre, which will test the hi-tech automotive solutions of the future, is being launched at the University of Glamorgan this week. The Centre for Electronic Product Engineering will give the industry access to the latest testing equipment.

Project manager Jonathan Williams said, 'Testing this type of electronic equipment can be very costly, particularly for small companies.

'At the centre, companies will be able to come in and simulate their ideas without having to go to the expense of manufacturing entire products which may not work.'

By 2010, it is projected that 35% of the production cost of a vehicle will be electronics or software related.

Centre director Clive Thomas said, 'Increasingly, the differentiator in automotive products is based on the sophistication of the embedded hardware and software systems incorporated into the vehicle.

'The new automotive centre facilities will enable companies to address this new challenge.'

The Knowledge Exploitation Fund - which is supported by the Welsh Assembly Government and European Structural Funds - is providing finance for some of the hi-tech equipment at the centre. …