NLC Urges Cities to Celebrate Race Equality, Inclusiveness: Celebration to Include NLC's Partnership for Working toward Inclusive Communities

Article excerpt

To showcase what cities across the country are doing to promote racial and ethnic equality and inclusive communities, NLC will join cities across the country September 25-29 to celebrate the 7th Annual Race Equality and Inclusive Communities Week.

During the week, cities and towns are encouraged to endorse racial and ethnic equality and inclusive communities through activities in their communities. NLC will highlight the roles and practices of cities in articles in Nation's Cities Weekly leading up to and continuing through the week.

Originally called Race Equality Week, the celebration grew out of an effort launched in 2000 by then NLC President Bob Knight, former mayor of Wichita, Kan., who challenged city leaders to focus on improving race relations in their communities. This year, NLC President James Hunt, councilmember from Clarksburg, W.Va., is broadening the effort to include a commitment to building inclusive communities.

Cities that have already signed up for NLC's Partnership for Working Toward Inclusive Communities, an initiative for cities to connect work on equality, fairness and democratic governance--are welcome and encouraged to participate in the week through activities in their cities.

"These efforts represent a commitment to the power of inclusiveness as a force for stronger, more successful communities," Hunt said. "We will weave these efforts together to create continuing, collective and sustainable action. …