From 'Miami Vice' to Felony Charge Police Say Man Was Taping Movie during Midnight Showing at Lombard Theater

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Byline: Michael Wamble Daily Herald Staff Writer

Wearing pastel shirts, designer suits and alligator shoes while cruising the Florida coast to the beat of a Phil Collins song aren't necessary to catch illegal pirates.

Crockett and Tubbs, meet Lombard police.

"I haven't seen the 'Miami Vice' movie yet," Deputy Chief Dane Cuny said Tuesday, who usually waits until movies come out on DVD to rent them.

But some people apparently can't wait to get a copy.

A Chicago man was arrested at AMC Yorktown Theaters over the weekend after authorities said he tried to record the film directly from the movie screen from the audience.

Frank S. Williams, 36, of 4935 W. Lexington, Chicago, was charged with criminal use of motion picture exhibition facility, which is a felony, Cuny said. Williams is scheduled to appear in court Aug. 21.

Cuny said police discovered Williams with a camcorder and a tripod early Friday morning during a midnight premiere of "Miami Vice" at the Lombard theater.

Authorities said a theater employee became suspicious of Williams and alerted police.

After the big-screen bust, Cuny said police searched Williams' home and found 14 compact disc burners and 518 counterfeit DVDs.

"We haven't handled anything like that before," Cuny said.

While the arrest might be unique in Lombard, piracy is an ongoing problem for the film industry, said Elizabeth Kaltman of the Motion Picture Association of America, which represents the six major movie studios. …