POSTPUZZLER: 50 for Fun; Phil Brown's Trivia Quiz

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Byline: Phil Brown

1 The mother of which notable figure in British - particularly Scottish - history was the Polish princess Maria Sobieska?

2 British tennis hopeful Andy Murray has taken on which highly-rated American as his new coach?

3 Which two England bowlers have just taken 19 wickets between them in the Test defeat of Pakistan at Old Trafford?

4 Which two teams are in this year's rugby league Powergen Challenge Cup final?

5 In a thoroughly depressing turn of events for fans, for an excess of which substance have Tour de France winner Floyd Landis and Olympic sprint champion Justin Gatlin both tested positive?

6 In which year (three either way) was the rum ration abolished in the Royal Navy?

7 In which English county would you find the former stronghold of Corfe Castle?

8 Servalan was a baddie in which cult BBC TV series?

9 "And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest" is a line addressed to which just-deceased Shakespearean character?

10 Which highly-rated French writer was also the goalkeeper for Algerian team Oran FC?

11 Which composer wrote the theme tunes to Dr Who, The Prisoner, Tales Of The Unexpected and Steptoe And Son?

12 Ursus arctos middendorffi, the largest living land predator, is better known by what name?

13 In 1606, the ship Duyfken carried the first European explorers to land in which country?

14 The stage just destroyed by fire at Pinewood Studios was closely associated with which celebrated film series?

15 For what product is the Devon town of Honiton traditionally known?

16 Which film star has apologised for reportedly anti-Semitic comments when stopped for alleged drink driving?

17 Which footballer did Bill Shankly say "could dance on eggshells"?

18 The chickaree is an American species of which animal?

19 In which European country was beer prohibited between 1915 and 1989?

20 Provolone is an Italian version of which common foodstuff?

21 The first international railway was laid in the 1840s between Strasbourg and which Swiss city?

22 Engelbrecht Engelbrechtsson led a briefly successful peasants' revolt in the 15th century in which country, where he is still a national hero?

23 Ex-polio patient Ray Ewry holds the Olympic athletics record of eight solo golds, but none of his three events is still contested. What were they?

24 Ain't No Doubt was a 1992 No 1 for which actor/singer?

25 Robert and Ronald Bell - key members of which highly successful group of the 70s and 80s?

26 Rock groups Rainbow, Whitesnake and Gillan were all founded by ex-members of which other group?

27 The Iron Guard was a fascist organisation of the 1930s - where?

28 Quirky 1987 film The Inquiry, starring Keith Carradine and Harvey Keitel, treats the disappearance of whose body as a mystery thriller?

29 Norwegian-American inventor Ole Evinrude developed the first commercially viable what?

30 Which legendary Roman is supposed to have held the Sublician bridge against the entire Etruscan army, giving his people time to destroy it and block the crossing?

31 Which actress was in Never Say Never Again, Wayne's World 2 and 8 Mile? …