Join a Five Star Industry; Careers in Hotel Management If You're Interested in Hospitality or Tourism Then a Career in Hotel Management May Appeal. Michelle Rushton Checked in to Find out More

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Byline: Michelle Rushton

What does a career in hotel management involve?

Hotel managers oversee the running of hotels. They are responsible for food and refreshments, accommodation and amenities, entertainment and conference facilities.

Large hotels may have individual managers responsible for each department such as housekeeping, maintenance, and food and beverages who have to report to the hotel's general manager. Duties include analysing financial data and targets, managing staff, dealing with customer complaints and ensuring compliance with regulations such as licensing laws. You may also be required to "muck in" when short staffed.

What personal skills do you need?

You must have a good head for business and enjoy working with people, being able to manage staff. You need good written and spoken communication skills with the ability to keep calm under pressure and solve problems quickly. You need to be well organised with plenty of energy and enthusiasm and be prepared to work long, unsociable hours.

What training do you need?

Training normally takes place on the job, gaining experience in different areas of the business.

You may start work at a lower level on the career ladder, working towards NVQs or other vocational qualifications or you can enter at management trainee level.

Relevant NVQs include hospitality service at level 2, leading on to hospitality supervision at level 3 and management at level 4. …