Angel Thoughts

Article excerpt

Byline: Deedee Siytangco

"Worry is like a rocking chair;

It gives you something to do,

But it gets you nowhere.

So, leave your worries

And enjoy life's wonderful gifts!" Dolly Nazareno

Vancouver - I enjoyed our brief Seattle sojourn very much. With my I-9 visa to the US "alive from our previous border crossing it was faster to pass the immigration guard at the booth. He waved us through after checking our passports and forms. It was Sunday morning and we went back to the Pike Place Market and ogle the fresh seafoods, fruits and vegetables. I bought two lbs, of red cherries and ate them the whole day! Hubby used to spoil me and Sandee with red cherries, whether in Hongkong or here in Vancouver. It's too expensive in Manila, so "dito na lang."

My regret is that we don't have a Pike Place Market and a Pacific Science Center in Metro Manila. Two tourism destinations that can be done, albeit on a much smaller scale.

For US$10 each per adult and S 7 for Monchu, we went to the center which features hands-on scientific exhibits from dinosaurs (A Journey Through Time) to an Insect Village, an outdoor Water Works, Body Works. There is also an I Max theatre with several features, as well as a summer treat - the Bubbles Pond.

The last treat is an outdoor fun thing for kids and the young-at-heart. There are several stainless steel bowls filled with liquid soap. You dipped big plastic flyswatter like rings or heart and flower shapes in the liquid and lift them gently and voila! Soft multi-colored bubbles floating up the sky. Yes, I must confess... Monchu and I enjoyed ourselves making beautiful bubbles that afternoon.

The Water Works is an outdoor park that makes use of water jets, water canons and other simple mechanical works to demonstrate scientific theories that even children can understand. You can shoot water sprays and jets with a switch and its fun, fun, fun and educational too.

After a full afternoon, we drove back to Vancouver, stopping over at my cousin Bobby Ardena's home in Jackson Park. Bobby's mom, Mirita, our "Tita Mir" the only sister of my dad, Amado Munson, was one of wedding sponsors forty years ago. Bobby and his younger brother Johnny their eldest sister Tess ( now Mrs. Boy Reyes) and "Kuya" Sonny were some of our Munson cousins we grew up with in Manila.

They all migrated to North America, the boys to the Seattle area and Tess and Boy to Canada. Bobby married social worker Yolly in Manila and he migrated to the US to try his luck. Before that , he studied at the Philippine School for Interior Design in Makati and turned out cabinets and other furniture pieces. Yolly and their two children followed after a year. Their youngest, EJ, was born here twelve years ago.

Bobby, I am proud to say, is now an acknowledged wood veneer master craftsman in a Seattle-based company, Delta!

This firm makes super- luxurious interiors for multimillion dollar yatchs, and boasts of a waiting list of clients until several years from now, as each Delta yatch is a "signature' and can take up to two years in the making.

Bobby puts together the veneer wood paneling and furnishing, using mahogany, teak, maple and other beautiful woods . …