Movies to Screen

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Byline: Writers/researchers: Jac Chebatoris, Claudia Adrien, Joshua Alston

'All the King's Men' This take on Robert Penn Warren's classic novel stars Sean Penn (as Louisiana Gov. Willie Stark) plus Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Anthony Hopkins. It was supposed to come out last fall, but director Steven Zaillian needed more time. Word is, it was well spent. Sept. 22

'The Queen' Remember when Princess Diana died and it seemed like Queen Elizabeth II kinda ... didn't care? Helen Mirren is already getting Oscar buzz for her turn as the icy royal. Sept. 30

'The Departed' Boys will be boys, especially in Scorsese movies. Leonardo DiCaprio plays a cop who infiltrates a Boston mob. Matt Damon is a mobster who infiltrates the police. Jack Nicholson plays the kingpin. Gentlemen, start your engines. Oct. 6

'Little Children' Writer-director Todd Field ("In the Bedroom") adapts the novel about a disheveled wife (Kate Winslet) who falls for the hottest dad on the block (Patrick Wilson), a Mr. Mom emasculated by his successful spouse (Jennifer Connelly). Oct. 6

'Running With Scissors' Based on Augusten Burroughs's memoir, this tragicomic coming-of-age tale stars Annette Bening as a narcissistic mother who sends her teenage son (Joseph Cross) to live with her loony psychiatrist. Bening's Oscar jinx could be over. Oct. 20

'Man of the Year' What if Jon Stewart ran for president--and won? Robin Williams reteams with "Good Morning Vietnam" director Barry Levinson to play a fake-news host running for kicks. Oct. 20

'Flags of Our Fathers' Clint Eastwood's latest is this WWII saga about the soldiers who raised the flag at Iwo Jima, then came home to be sanctified, and exploited, as heroes. Oct. 20

'The Prestige' Director Christopher Nolan takes a break from the "Batman" franchise--but not from his Batman, Christian Bale. …