Police Officers Commended for Courage and Bravery

Article excerpt

Byline: By Lauren Turner South Wales Echo

BRAVE police officers who have tackled runaway prisoners and people armed with knives have been honoured for their work. At the first event of its kind to be held, Cardiff division police were awarded commendations from the cityAEs Chief Superintendent Bob Evans and Lord Mayor Gareth Neale.

A total of 16 officers were thanked at Mansion House, Cardiff, for helping to protect the public.

Chief Supt Evans said it was his ogreat pride and privilegeo to be handing out the awards.

He said: oItAEs been traditional for people like me to give out commendations in management meetings, but that wasnAEt fitting for the excellent work they have been doing.

oThese are the best examples of work officers do every day, but there are many others and I want the public to celebrate that. They are community commendations, as they are on behalf of the people of Cardiff.o

Those commended included policemen who tackled a man who had attempted to carry out an armed robbery at a Heath Post Office u one of whom was off duty and drove his own car to find the robber.

A female police officer who was bitten by a man who had escaped from prison was also honoured for her work.

Coun Neale told officers and their partners and relatives that the ceremony was oimportant for the city of Cardiff, and important for youo. Jilted boyfriend smashed exAEs car with metal bar A YOUNG man damaged his girlfriendAEs car with a metal bar after they broke up, a court has heard. Kier Raymond Yip, 21, of Craddock Street, Riverside, Cardiff, had split from his girlfriend after they had a row. Two days later, he arrived at her house in Paget Street, Cardiff, and asked to be let in, which she refused. Desmond Duffy, prosecuting, told Cardiff MagistratesAE Court: oShe threw his trainers out of the window and asked him to go away. He threw stones up at the bedroom window and she asked him again to go away.o

After half an hour, she left the house and drove off in her Peugeot car. But when she returned 20 minutes later, Yip still hadnAEt left. Mr Duffy said: oHe approached the car.

oShe tried to drive away, but he said: aeIf you drive off, IAEll smash your car upAE.o

Yip said he wanted his belongings from the house, which his girlfriend said she would get if he moved. But then Yip, who had a metal bar in his hand, tried to open the door before punching the front passenger window and scraping the car with the bar.

He then punched a cluster of lights at the back of the car.

Chris Cormack, defending, said Yip, who admitted criminal damage, had oproblemso in his life, but that he was applying for an electricians course and had been reconciled with his girlfriend.

District Judge John Charles said: oIt is quite clear he is prone to violent outbursts.o

The judge ordered Yip to pay pounds 299.99 compensation, and gave him an 18-month community order. PRISONER BIT OFFICER IN STRUGGLE TO RE-ESCAPE A CHANCE sighting on CCTV led two police officers to a man who had escaped from an English prison. Pc Vince Jones, 39, and 27-year-old Pc Hannah Coombs were at Loudon House in Loudon Square, Butetown, Cardiff, in the early hours of the morning when their attention was drawn to a man entering the building.

Pc Jones, of Cardiff Central police station, said: oWe asked the security guard who it was, and they gave the name of a man who had absconded from prison. …