Occupational Health Nurses Association of the Philippines 37th National Convention and 56th Foundation Anniversary at the Historic Landmark Manila Hotel

Article excerpt

OCCUPATIONAL health nursing is the specialty practice that provides for health and safety programs and services to workers. The practice focuses on promotion and restoration of health, prevention of illness and injury, and protection from work-related and environmental hazards.

The responsibilities of occupational health nurses (OHN) have expanded immensely to encompass responsibilities that include case management where, in addition to treatment, follow-up and referrals and emergency care are provided for job-related injuries and illnesses, OHNs act as gatekeepers for health services, rehabilitation, return-to-work, and case management issues. OHNs often counsel on issues such as substance abuse and emotional and/or family problems. They handle referrals to employee assistance programs and/or other community resources and coordinate follow-up care.

OHNs teach skills and develop health education programs that encourage workers to take responsibility for their own health and thus perform a health promotion role. Smoking cessation, exercise/fitness, nutrition and weight control, stress management, control of chronic illnesses, and effective use of medical services are just a few of the preventive strategies to keep workers healthy and productive. …