'Potential to Change the Success Rate of IVF Treatment'

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Byline: By SION BARRY Western Mail

A biosciences venture pioneering work designed to significantly improve the success rate for couples undergoing IVF treatment, is looking to make its mark internationally.

Ruskinn Life Sciences (RLS) has designed and developed a laboratory work station for use in IVF clinics which is undergoing trials in Europe and set to be launched early next year.

Earlier this year the company was acquired in a pounds 1m management buy-out from Bridgend-based Biotrace.

The company's AC-TIVE (assisted conception total in vitro environment) workstations enable all the procedures and manipulations undertaken during assisted conception to be carried out within the controlled and enclosed atmosphere of the work station.

The work stations effectively combine all the essential environments needed for healthy cell growth and carefully control such factors as the O, humidity, temperature and CO concentration.

IVF success rates are affected by external factors including air quality and temperature. The AC-TIVE workstations provide the optimum atmosphere as the cells need never leave the correct environment for manipulation or incubation which minimises the failure rate.

The Ruskinn brand was founded in 1993 and became part of the Biotrace International group in 2001.

RLS was formed to target the massive increase in demand for assisted conception and reproductive technologies.

It is targeting a large niche world market - there are currently 2,800 assisted reproductive medicine centres worldwide and this figure is expected to increase to 3,400 in five years time.

Samir Patel of RLS said, 'In the UK, one in seven couples (3.5 million people) are affected by infertility. …