Security Lapse

Article excerpt

Byline: Hern. P. Zenarosa

THE alarm spawned by an anti-terror expert's countermanding the enforcement of the country's airport security system may have died down somewhat but the suggestions it engendered, for sure, will continue to linger for sometime to hound air travelers.

The point is not whether he did it with explicit sanction or the lack of it but that he did so to ascertain the security measures laid out by the government against terrorism.

For what other motives could he have to do that?

Allegations that he merely wanted to focus public attention on himself needs further scrutiny on his character and circumstances; suffice it to say that up to now he has refused personal media notice.

* * *

What he discovered stunned everyone to the chagrin of the government that instead of finding out what was operationally wrong with the security system, Malacanang showed more interest in finding faults with the expert's security check.

Naturally, the government after asking the traveling public's patience and understanding of the almost dehumanizing physical searches at airports, is embarrassed by the incident but still its officials should be responsible enough to acknowledge its deadly lapses and shortcomings.

* * *

Instead, they turned their ire on the security expert identified as Samson Macariola, who turned out to be the consultant on security training of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who is, in turn, President Gloria Arroyo's consultant on anti-terrorism.

Malacanang officials seemed so angry they wanted to charge Macariola of violation of the Revised Penal Code which they cannot specify however, or at least, according to Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita, unjust vexation or alarm or scandal. …