Metropolitan Publishing

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OWNERS: Paul-Philippe d'Auriac, Debbie Brooks

LOCATION: Gardiner, NY


ARTIST: Debbie Brooks


CONTACT: 866-METROART, 845-255-4015, 845-255-PURSE,,

Paul-Philippe d'Auriac can still remember the sheer excitement and utter shock when he told the Village Gallery in Beverly Hills that he wanted to bring CNN to do a shoot with them and the Debbie Brooks line of products.

"They were thrilled," d'Auriac remembers. "We sold 24 pieces that day." That was in 2004, about a year and a half after Metropolitan Publishing had made its show-stopping breakthrough with the fun-loving art of Debbie Brooks. Now the creative pieces run the gamut from 3-D art to jewelry to furniture to the ever-popular Debbie Brooks handbags, which can be spotted on the arms of Jessica Simpson, Nicole Kidman and Sarah Jessica Parker, to name a few.

Growing up surrounded by art with a father who once worked with Salvador Daft, d'Auriac knew artistic talent when he saw it. So it didn't take him long to recognize his wife Debbie's unique style.

First launching at Artexpo, the couple found dealers liked the glossy medium, 3-D look, and cordless perpetual motion qualities of her art. The shopping artwork, hands down the best-selling of Debbie's pieces, began appearing in gallery display windows and attracting thralls of women, many of whom otherwise might not have stepped foot into a gallery at all.

So Metropolitan Publishing decided to diversify the product line, constantly introducing new collections at variable price points, so everyone could jump on the Debbie Brooks bandwagon. …