BETRAYED; EXCLUSIVE Heartbroken Parents Believe Judiciary and Courts Have Let Down Their Robert

Article excerpt


THE parents of tragic schoolboy Robert Holohan want Wayne O'Donoghue to break his silence over his killing of their son.

Distraught Mark and Majella Holohan are preparing for an appeal against the four-year sentence handed down to the student over Robert's death in January last year.

Frustrated by the lack of answers in both the trial and inquest, they now say O'Donoghue should be forced to reveal the full truth about exactly what happened.

A friend of the family said: "It is like the family don't exist. The gardai have been excellent and have done everything possible.

"It is the judiciary and the courts who have let Robert down.

"O'Donoghue has said nothing about what happened. Majella and Mark feel he should have to say why he did what he did.

"During the trial he sat there with a pair of rosary beads in his hands looking like he was innocent.

"It was all an act, but it was an act which worked on the jury."

Engineering student O'Donoghue callously joined a search pretending to look for the 11-year-old Midleton schoolboy. The body was found at Inch Strand Whitegate, Co Cork.

The family friend added that despite Majella and Mark's tireless quest for justice, they continue to feel frustrated over the exact reasons behind Robert's death. …