Gov't Allots P940 M for Teachers' Training

Article excerpt

CEBU CITY - The government will spend P940 million next year to "intensively retool" some 50,000 public school teachers in three core competencies -- English, Math and Science, House Deputy Majority Leader Eduardo Gullas said.

This is on top of the 25,000 teachers undergoing a similar "in-service retraining" this year, according to Gullas, an educator and author of a bill reinstating English as the medium of instruction in schools.

Gullas said the teacher readiness plan, which involves "three weeks of university-based reinforcement workshops," would check in a big way the deficient schooling of students in the three "essential disciplines."

The Department of Education (DepEd) has blamed inadequate instruction for the rapid and general decline in the English, Math and Science skills of students.

"Superior command of the core disciplines is absolutely imperative if we are to effectively build up our human capital in a fiercely competitive global village," Gullas stressed.

"English proficiency in particular is central. Studies have unmistakably demonstrated that greater English reading and comprehension skills naturally translate to higher student abilities in Math and Science," he pointed out.

"Before a student can even begin to solve Math problems, he or she has to fully grasp the poser that is expressed in English. In Science, only English offers a complete vocabulary," he added. …