Getting a Kick out of Coaching

Article excerpt

I have compl eted an introductory diploma in sports coaching through the SA Football Association, and this year I am studying towards a Coaching Science Diploma.

Course topics include: operating as a coach; applying social and psychological aspects of sport; addressing injuries and health in sport; sport organisation and administration; planning practice sessions and teaching sport skills; conducting screening procedures; evaluating sport performance; identifying and developing talent in sport; providing advanced motor skills and tactical training; functioning in a team; planning and conducting research; ensuring ethical behaviour and team discipline; implementing HIV/Aids policies; including people with special needs and disabilities; and leading a team.

Students at the academy are required to apply their new skills by training individuals and teams. Coaches generally take on one or more squads for an entire season, which lasts about six months or two school terms.

More schools and clubs are outsourcing coaching duties to professional coaches in addition to teachers, so there are plenty of career opportunities. In addition, there is more to the sports industry than coaching individuals or teams, and there are career opportunities in the development of sporting codes, recreational facilities and social upliftment.

You could also branch into sports management, which could entail managing sports teams, marketing and organising events, or improving the fitness conditioning of teams or individuals. …