Hubble Site Gets Clean Bill of Health Environmental Tests Show 'Pristine' Land

Article excerpt

Byline: James Fuller Daily Herald Staff Writer

Environmental testing firms gave two green thumbs up to Wheaton Warrenville Unit District 200 officials looking to build a new middle school near the BP Amoco research facility in Naperville.

The proposed 18-acre site is "pristine" and cleaner than average land in the Chicago area, said representatives of companies commissioned by District 200 and the current owner of the land, James McNaughton Builders.

The results, released Tuesday, address concerns raised by some district residents about building a school less than a half mile away from the BP facility.

District 200 officials said the results mark the end of their testing of the site.

That means the only remaining obstacles are negotiating a purchase price for the land and seeking voter approval through a referendum to raise the money to build the school.

Both studies showed all chemicals tested for were far below maximum levels deemed acceptable by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Joseph Macak, president of Mostardi Platt Environmental, said the levels were so minimal they'd be safe, even for children, by any standard.

"I'm pretty confident in saying that," Macak said.

But neither Macak's company nor Addison-based Environment Inc., which was hired by the property owners, were able to obtain adequate amounts of groundwater to test. Underground boulders made it impossible to drill much beyond 20 feet with the equipment they had available to them, both companies said.

Topography makes it a moot point, they said, at least in regards to any impact from the BP facility, because groundwater in the area flows from BP to the west, not toward the proposed school site. …