I Covered My Face & Became a Pariah

Article excerpt


STUDENT Mina Bavary started wearing the Niqab last November but after four months of feeling like a "second-class citizen" gave it up.

Mina, 18, from North London covered up after fasting for Ramadan. But she could not find work and no longer wears the Niqab - which leaves only the eyes uncovered.

She says: "As soon as I put on the Niqab people started treating me differently. In high street stores I was looked down upon and old ladies would stare at me, mumbling 'ridiculous' or 'disgusting' shaking their heads.

"Others were nastier and would snarl 'terrorist' or 'Ninja'. But I, like every woman I know, wasn't forced to wear the Niqab. It was my choice, part of my religion, and it was done of my own free will.

"I'm intelligent - I am studying for four A-Levels in biology, chemistry, physics and psychology so I'm not the stereotype of someone oppressed, weak, illiterate or subjugated. …