ARNT & DIC; EXCLUSIVE Geordie Stars Have ELOCUTION Lessons to Land Show in US

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ANT and Dec have been ordered to take ELOCUTION lessons so they can be understood by TV audiences in America.

The Geordie lads have been offered pounds 3million each to front the US version of Poker Face.

But Stateside telly bosses could not make out their accents in the hit ITV1 bluff-or-bust quiz show.

Now they have to learn posh speech and introduce themselves as Arnt and Dic before the deal is signed.

A source revealed: "The Americans love British stars but really struggle to understand them.

"Thirty per cent of the population of California don't even speak English as their first language - so they'd have no chance with two Geordies.

"The lads want to front the show and US telly bosses want them on board. It's just going to take a bit of tweaking."

US networks NBC and Fox have been desperately trying to bag the show. But while Americans can get their ears around educated English speech, regional accents are double Dutch to them. …