Building a Framework to Ensure a Vibrant Future for Rural Areas of Anglesey

Article excerpt

Linking with the current EU Objective One programme, a new and innovative way of facilitating, developing and communicating has been leading rural regeneration on Anglesey.

The current high level public funding support Anglesey experiences creates both opportunity and confusion. Opportunities exist to develop the local economy, people and communities.

However, securing funding support can be difficult, whilst the roles and responsibilities of support organisations can be confusing.

This is why the key strategic economic and community development organisations on the island have worked together and created the Anglesey Area Development Framework (ADF).

The Anglesey ADF is essentially a new and innovative way of working which enables the key strategic economic and community development organisations operating on the island to work together effectively; co-ordinating available resources to ensure communities are given an equal level of support and opportunity.

The framework provides an area basis for implementing key actions within the Anglesey Economic Regeneration Strategy which are dependent upon partnership working between local communities, businesses and public sector organisations.

This new framework which has already been recognised as a model of good practice has assisted in the use of existing resources more effectively and has therefore benefited the people of Anglesey.

A vital development in the rural regeneration of one of the island's most economically deprived areas is the Llys Llewelyn complex. Part funded by EU Objective One funding, and supported from a number of local people and organisations, the Menter MOn and Deffro Beffro venture is designed to kick off a tourism boom in the area.

Menter MOn has leased the land from the Isle of Anglesey County Council, building traditional Welsh cottages and studio rooms. Also, within the complex there is a shop and exhibition gallery, focusing on the promotion and marketing of local Anglesey produce, including Parys Design Porcelain and Textiles, Anglesey Sea Salt, Hamperi MOn, and hand-made greeting cards.

The work of several locally based artists will be displayed at the Llys Llewelyn gallery throughout the year.

Jackie Lewis of Menter MOn said, 'As well as creating employment for local people, this is a much-needed development for the economically deprived south west of Anglesey, and will contribute to the social and economic regeneration of the local community.'

'Visitors to Anglesey will have a unique opportunity to stay in a brand new development in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and will be able to participate in many activities from walking and cycling to visiting the Anglesey Circuit and the many family attractions in the area. …