BOOK REVIEWS: This Chef Is One Hot Potato; Humble Pie, My Autobiography by Gordon Ramsay, Pounds 18.99, Harper Collins

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Byline: Reviewed by Sarah Probert

He is loud, rude and has reduced many a timid comi chef to tears.

But inside Gordon Ramsay's tough exterior there is a sensitive, caring man just fighting to get out.

This is what we are led to believe in the Michelin-starred chef's autobiography which lands on the shelves alongside a myriad other celebrity stories this month.

Ramsay must jostle with the likes of Billie Piper, Radio 1 D J Chris Moyles and Griff Rhys Jones in the autobiography stakes.

But this book is certainly a worthy contender for those who are intrigued by Ramsay's success, gruff exterior and, believe it or not, his sex appeal.

In Humble Pie we hear of Gordon's grim upbringing, living with an abusive father who forces the family to move from council house to caravan and back again while getting into debt, fights and stealing from his employers.

We learn of his school years in Stratford-upon-Avon, representing Warwickshire at football and then how a move to Glasgow saw him playing for the youth side of Glasgow Rangers, later failing to make the professional team through injury.

But Ramsay, proving to be a persistent chap, found himself training to be a chef, a career dismissed by his father as being for "gay people". …