"C" What Vitamins Can Do

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Nutrition and Growth

Lesson Objective

Identify the functions of nutrients as they relate to growth and health.

Assessment Criteria

* Explain the importance of vitamin C in the body.

* Demonstrate the usefulness of vitamin C in preserving food color.

Activities and Strategies

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) helps the body:

* fight infection

* health wounds

* form and maintain collagen

* absorb iron and calcium

A lack of vitamin C can result in:

* bleeding gums and scurvy

* anemia

* frequent infections

When certain foods are exposed to oxygen, they change color; vitamin C often is added to foods to help stop this color change. This investigation demonstrates how vitamin C helps food keep its natural color.

The students should follow the steps of the scientific method.

* Question: How does vitamin C preserve food color?

* Hypothesis: Let students make their guesses.

* Materials: Listed in the appropriate section.

* Procedure:

1. Dissolve one tablet of 250 milligrams of vitamin C in one cup of water.

2. …