Intellectual Property Rights Standard Book Soon Out

Article excerpt


Issues on intellectual property rights (IPR) have long been a source of discussions among artists and creative people. Futher confusion arises because of the fact that no popular standards on IPR are made available to the public.

But not anymore. Or at least that's what fiery IPR promoter John Lesaca says as a standard book is set to be written for the benefit of IPR stakeholders in the country.

At the launch of the Intellectual Property Institute of the Philippines at the DAP (Development Academy of the Philippines) building in Pasig, Lesaca said the creation of such book is one of the major initiatives of the new institute, a big leap towards the goal to improve the local IPR situation.

"With this book, people will be informed about the IPR at maiiwasan natin na magkaiba-iba ng kuro-kuro about intellectual property rights. Magiging pare-pareho na tayong may alam at ng alam."

Set for release next year, the book is keen on providing the public beneficial information on human capital, intangible assets, and intellectual property rights, with emphasis on the intellectual capital process such as the creation, protection, management, and utilization of an individual's work. A reliable group of IPR experts called "fellows'' of the Institute are working on the book.

"It is a must for artists, composers, writers, to make use of their talents. And yet, it is equally important for them to know how to protect their works," Lesaca added.

The Intellectual Property Institute of the Philippines, IP Squared for short, is a partnership between IP Coalition and DAP which aims to champion intellectual integrity and zero in on the value and practical components of intellectual creations.

Apart from Lesaca who sits as chairman of IP Coalition, other personalities who graced the event were DAP president Antonio Kalaw, Jr. and former First Lady Amelita Ramos, recognized as the founding patron of IP Squared. …