QC Targets Rogue Enforcers as Anti-Drug Abuse Week Begins

Article excerpt


The Quezon City government called yesterday for a more stringent enforcement of drug laws as it joined other cities and towns all over the country in celebrating the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Week.

The celebration began yesterday and ends on Nov. 18.

Quezon City Vice Mayor Herbert Bautista, chairman of the Quezon City Anti-Drug Abuse Advisory Council (QCADAAC), sought an investigation on certain military and police officers involved in illegal drug activities. "We will not tolerate any unlawful acts that would jeopardize the city's anti-illegal drug crusade," he said.

Bautista called on anti-drug lawmen and agents to intensify the drive to eradicate the drug menace which, he said, "has reached a very alarming rate."

He singled out scalawags in the military and police force as partly instrumental for the sharp increase in illegal drugs activities. He said these rogue military and police officers provide protection to drug financiers and dealers in exchange for monetary considerations.

It is high time to instill discipline among these "bad eggs" in the law enforcement community, Bautista said.

He said the biggest problem is not the apprehension of these rogue lawmen but their prosecution and eventual conviction along with the illegal drug traders they are protecting.

Other cities and towns in the metropolis will observe the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Week in their own way. …