Who's Who in Banking and Finance Sector

Article excerpt

Dr. Muhammad Yaqub - Governor, State Bank of Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Yaqub Governor, State Bank of Pakistan brings with him rich experience, both national and international and has had an excellent academic career in Pakistan. In B.A. (Honours) he topped in the Punjab University in Economics in 1957 and in M.A. got first class second position in the Punjab University in 1959. After having worked in the State Bank of Pakistan for about 3 years he proceeded to United States on Fulbright scholarship and got his M.A. (Economics) from Yale University (1964) and Ph.D. in Economics from Princeton University (1966). On return from abroad he moved rapidly in the State Bank hierarchy and by 1972 effectively headed the Research Department. During 1966-72 Dr. Yaqub was a member of Pakistan Taxation Commission, several other working groups and inter-governmental committees. He also represented Pakistan at international meetings and conferences. He joined IMF in 1972 and was rapidly promoted from the position of economist to senior economist, advisor, division chief and assistant director, the latter being the third highest level in the Fund. After 4-5 years of service in the IMF, he began to head IMF missions including those to very complex countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, Jordan, UAE, Yemen and Lebanon. He also represented the Fund to Paris Club, London Club, OECD and country aid consortia. He joined Government of Pakistan as Special Secretary/Principal Economic Advisor about a year ago and was appointed Governor, State Bank of Pakistan on July 25, 1993.

Inam Elahi - President, National Bank of Pakistan.

Mr. Inam Elahi (60) President of the National Bank of Pakistan brings with him 36 years of rich experience in the field of banking and finance. After graduation he passed Banking Diploma Examination from the Institute of Bankers in Pakistan and the International Bankers Association. He started his career in 1956 as Probationery Officer in Habib Bank Limited and in 1964 he was promoted as Zonal Manager, Khulna and Jessor (former East Pakistan). From 1964 to 1974 he served Australasia Bank as SVP and General Manager of East Pakistan, Punjab & NWFP when the Bank was re-named as Allied Bank of Pakistan. In 1975, Mr. Elahi was elevated to the post of Joint Executive Vice President of Allied Bank of Pakistan. He held key positions in Allied Bank which included Acting President, Executive Vice President and member Executive Board from 1976 to 1988. He served National Bank of Pakistan as Senior Executive Vice President/Director from September 24, 1988 to August 27, 1990, before joining Pakistan Banking Council. Mr. Inam Elahi joined Allied Bank of Pakistan as President on August 19, 1990 and National Bank of Pakistan on January 19, 1991. He was also on list of Board of Governors/Board of Directors of different financial Institutions.

Husain Lawai - President and Chief Executive of MCB Ltd.

Mr. Husain Lawai (48) President and Chief Executive of Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd., holds Master's Degree in Business Administration and is a Fellow of Institute of Bankers in Pakistan and Fellow of Institute of Marketing Management. He started his career as General Manager, Chattal Match Factory, Chittagong. He joined MCB as Officer on Special Duty in 1970 and was promoted as AVP and posted as Head of Personal Division in 1974, and was assigned Training Department. Mr. Lawai established Union Bank of Middle East Ltd. (now Emirates Bank International Ltd.) in 1978. Mr. Lawai was appointed Chairman of Regional Credit Committee in 1979 and nominated as member Banking Sub-Committee of Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pakistan in 1981 to represent Foreign Banks operating in Pakistan. In 1987 he established Faysal Islamic Bank of Bahrain, EC. in Pakistan and was appointed as Country General Manager. He held various prestigious positions in different financial institutions and banks besides being a member Board of Governors of different educational institutions. …