Pact vs Transnat'l Crimes OK'd; Agreement Seen to Make Law Enforcement Easier for RP, Indonesia Police

Article excerpt


GENERAL SANTOS CITY -- The Philippine National Police and Indonesia National Police have approved an agreement to curb transnational crimes, particularly terrorism, after holding four sessions in Manila and Jakarta since last year.

PNP Deputy Director General Antonio Billones, co-chairman of the RP-Indonesia Technical Working Group, said the two panels have finally approved the accord after holding four sessions in the Philippines and Indonesia since last year.

Billones' co-chairman is Gen. Susarno, head of the 26-man Indonesia National Police delegation that included four policewomen officers.

"After tedious four working sessions here in General Santos City and Davao City and in Manadao, Indonesia our Technical Working Groups have finally crafted an agreement which would hasten law enforcement against terrorism, drugs, human trafficking and other global crimes," Billones said.

Billones said the agreement has cut short the long process of protocol in the extradition of criminals and other international standard operating procedures.

Both Philippines and Indonesia are plagued by Osama bin Laden's terror network, Jemaah Islamiyah, which pulled a string of bombings in Mindanao and Manila as well as in Jakarta, including the deadly nightclub blast in the island resort of Bali that left 202 foreign tourists dead, mostly Australians. …