From a Shy Cleaner to Glamorous Showgirl in Just Four Tough Weeks

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Byline: By Molly Watson Western Mail

A shy cleaner from rural Wales was transformed into a glitzy showgirl when she met Britain's most famous burlesque dancer Immodesty Blaize. It sounds like an unlikely pairing, but Sharon Pallister was transformed from country housewife into a glam burlesque performer in just one month.

Despite having no dance training and a fear of performing on stage, the 34-year-old managed to hold her own in a competition with Britain's top burlesque stars and to fool a panel of judges into thinking she'd been dancing all her life, after just four weeks of practice.

And Sharon, from Mold, said she was so taken with her new lifestyle she's decided hang up her feather duster for good.

The reality TV show Faking It plucks its subjects out of their natural environment and challenges them to learn a new skill well enough to fool a panel of judges.

But for Sharon, who before the show said she often felt invisible in rooms full of people and would never be seen dead in a bikini, the task of becoming a flamboyant showgirl was never going to be easy.

Painfully body shy, Sharon said she preferred to always cover up and was terrified of revealing a scar on her stomach which she'd had since having surgery as a child.

But completing the task depended on her having to perform a striptease on stage which would leave her wearing nothing but knickers, high heels and red glittery nipple tassels.

To pass the test she'd have to fool the watching judges into thinking she wasn't a fake.

Describing how Sharon would have to look on stage, dancer Immodesty Blaize said, 'She has to sashay around like she's been taking her clothes off all her life. …