Fear That Gowers Did Not Go Far Enough; LEGAL & FINANCE

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The long-awaited Gowers Review of intellectual property law did not go far enough.

That's the view of intellectual property lawyers at Hammonds in Birmingham, who think the Review is a bit of a mixed bag depending on your business and industry sector.

Gowers was requested by the Treasury to examine the UK's intellectual property framework, which governs copyright, patent and trademark policy.

It drew on commentary from users of intellectual property law across a range of industries as well as expert analysis.

Broadly, the current intellectual property system was found not to be in need of radical overhaul, subject to a number of specific recommendations aimed at achieving reform in three broad areas - strengthening the enforcement of intellectual property rights by clamping down on piracy and counterfeiting' reducing the cost of registering and litigating' and improving balance and flexibility to allow business to use content in ways consistent with the digital age.

Richard Plaistowe, an intellectual property specialist at Hammonds in Birmingham, said: "The Review recommends the on-going monitoring and possible reform of the remedies available for the infringement of all intellectual property rights, which will be welcome news for all intellectual property 'heavy' industries in the long term. However, the recommendations in this area are rather broad."

The Review did, however, make a number of clearer proposals for reform of the patent applications process, making patents cheaper and easier to obtain. …