Matabungkay; Rebirth of a Legend

Article excerpt


aOnce discovered, never forgotten...,a said Charley Leviste-Antonio, the eldest daughter of former Batangas governor Tony Leviste, now at the helm of the newly-refurbished Matabungkay Beach Resort and Hotel.

After 25 years, Matabungkay continues to operate as the biggest and the only Department of Tourism (DoT) accredited beach resort in the area of Western Batangas. So, if you are looking for a quiet and well-run family resort just less than two hours away from Manila, look no further.

Matabungkay Beach, popularly known as the Boracay of the 70's, has been an integral part of the Leviste family. Today, it is no longer an exclusive club as it has opened its doors to the public.

Along with this, the resort has recently undergone a major transformation. All the rooms, the Octagon Villas and the gift shop have been remodeled. Most of the facilities like the bar and cafA[c] were upgraded while new amenities such as the floating spa, scuba dive shop, ropes course and Aqua Salon were added. "We also plan to have a music lounge, floating bar and a Japanese restaurant," explained Charley.

This lovely area on the coast, south of Manila boasts of a five-kilometer long brown sand beach facing the China Sea, a fresh provincial air, and a stunning honey-colored sunset. Its clear waters, dotted with bamboo floating rafts, is ideal for water sports such as swimming, boating, yachting, fishing, snorkeling and diving. Along the shoreline are several summer cottages.

This multi-awarded resort offers cozy accommodations with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. It boasts of 57 Superior and Executive guest rooms, 12 suites and 16 villas. All rooms are airconditioned, with private bathroom and spacious private veranda. Hot and cold bath facilities, cable TV and mini bars are also available for all rooms and suites. …