Jordan Queen Cites RP Youth in Peace Campaign; Delivers Message at Live Video Dialogue on PeaceTech

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KABACAN, North Cotabato - Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan has called for the active involvement of the youth in the propagation of peace world-wide, even as she lauded the Filipino youth for initiating a peace campaign.

The Jordan Queen expressed joy as she reached out to more than 2,000 Filipino youth who participated last Dec. 4 in a live video dialogue between Mindanao and Luzon, gracing the end of a series of the tele-convergence link-ups that advocated peace.

The video message from one of the Middle East's most prominent peacebuilders was an uplifting end to the PeaceTech series that has united thousands of young people throughout the Philippines this year, said Robin Pettyfer, Canadian project director.

"I want to applaud you for taking part in this PeaceTech dialogue, for reaching out across boundaries of geography and background to build greater trusts, compassions and acceptance at a time when our world is lacking all three," said Queen Rania in her video taped-message from Amman, Jordan.

The royal peace advocate added: "I do believe most people are more alike than we are different. Yet too often in our day-to-day lives we are not forced to listen and learn from one another. To try to put ourselves in each others shoes or to understand how others see the world."

On the subject "PeaceTech 6: The Decision Makers," the youth and children asked their leaders questions that emanated from the PeaceTech Series.

Leaders of major sectors participated in the dialogue.

They included Sen. Francisco Pangilinan, Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) spokesman Eid Kabalu, businessman Jose Concepcion Jr. …