De Venecia Cites China's 'Amazing Economic Growth'

Article excerpt

House Speaker Jose C. de Venecia Jr. said yesterday that China's amazing economic growth is the "greatest mass-emancipation from poverty the world has known" and is benefiting Southeast Asia and the Philippines.

De Venecia said that China's "resurgence is tipping the balance of global power in Asia's direction" as he presented China Premier Wen Jiabao with the Congressional Medal of Achievement, the highest decoration of the House of Representatives, in ceremonies at the Manila Hotel attended by diplomats, lawmakers, and members of the Cabinet.

In remarks before the ceremonies, De Venecia traced the Chinese Premier's successful leadership to several generations of Chinese leaders, calling him an "outstanding" premier from the fourth generation of China's visionary leaders, following Mao Zedong and Zhou En-lai, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, and Zhu Rongji, and leader of parliament Wu Bangguo.

"Their achievements are written on the face of modern China," De Venecia said. "Over 233 million Chinese were lifted from poverty to the ranks of the middle-class over a 12-year period between 1990 and 2002."

De Venecia lauded Premier Wen for the immense respect he has gained for his "technocratic expertise, his command of the job, and his ability to organize consensus."

The Philippine House Speaker observed that Premier Wen and President Hu Jintao have now set China's goals on the "Three Rural Issues" -- agriculture, rural areas, and farmers -- that both leaders regard as "needing Beijing's sustained attention. …