New York City Affiliate Recognized for Outstanding Public Health Work

Article excerpt

The Public Health Association of New York City was recognized for its innovative coalition-building and advocacy activities during APHA's 134th Annual Meeting in November.

The Affiliate was honored during the Committee on Affiliates annual awards ceremony and reception in Boston, which welcomed hundreds of state and local Affiliate members from around the nation for food, music and mingling. A number of New York City Affiliate members were on hand the event as PHANYC received the CoA 2006 Outstanding Affiliate Award.

"As a pioneer in public health advocacy, PHANYC has worked to focus its advocacy on improving the living conditions that determine health and create disparities in New York City," said Affiliate President Nicholas Freudenberg, DrPH. "We have been pleased to see that many organizations and individuals are eager to join such coalitions."

This year, PHANYC will celebrate 70 years of promoting public health as a leader in advocacy, education and research, Freudenberg said.

In recent years, the New York City Affiliate has engaged in a creative alliance to improve the health of New York City residents. In 2004, PHANYC created the "Agenda for a Healthy New York," a collaborative effort that seeks to identify policy goals that will improve the health of New York City residents by 2010, and then advocate for the implementation of those policies. The program builds on the premise that a healthy New York City requires effective schools, adequate housing, employment opportunities, access to good health care, a clean environment, safe neighborhoods and the potential for all residents to participate in the political process. …