Welsh Inventor's 'Bank Notes' Found in Tasmania

Article excerpt

Byline: By Sam Burson Western Mail

A pair of Welsh bank notes have been unearthed on the other side of the world. A couple in Tasmania in Australia inherited the intricately made notes - one for a pound and one for 10 shillings - and have been trying to find out their history.

They sent copies of the notes, pictured, to relatives in West Wales in the hope they can find out about their origins.

It turns out the notes were created by a Welshman to show off an early version of electronic cheque encoding.

Williams had invented a pre-cursor to the magnetic strips on the back of modern credit cards in the late 1960s.

He placed the strip on a makeshift Welsh 'bank note' to promote his invention, but soon realised there was massive demand for his notes among collectors.

Ivor Wynne Jones, who wrote a book about the late Mr Williams, said, 'He was a man before his time. A genius in many ways, but he never got a proper patent for his electric card strip. …